From what star did he fall? from street graffiti? If only it could be so simple!
with plastic and multiple mass production’s waste he makes original pieces of art. He has big ambition and dreams that he builds in secret.  In alternative places and in his inner spirit.
O devil with a thousand lives. He reincarnates objects. He breathes lifes into the urban everyday life. A mysterious path through the existence for an inventive precipitate he is alchemic of dystopia going from rubbish to art.
The medium and the aesthetic can be seen as something kitsh but the symbol remains diehard and oneiric.
Anti’s recycle art masterly what passes in his hands ans his bas relief in a space opera style enchant our cities.

if there is provocation it’s because his own life seems it’s because his own life seems to be his utlimate masterpiece. It’s not a job. but an everyday task dedicated to understand. reinvent and surprise the eye and the soul.
He grinds reality in silicon holds. soft matrixes in the service of hard visual shock. he plays with accumultion and saturation like our society does. Lot and megalomaniac  tribe that make and echo  back to the majestic vanities.
He has the way and means. A pure creativity and sophisticated technic. From the miniature to the monumental : he is own quantum paradox of his anti-world.

by Clementine D Calcutta

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